New CD Out!

Now available at CD Baby and iTunes. Eighteen songs total.
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CD Baby Review

The BLANKS were just the tonic I needed to cure the "blahs,"
Reviewer: Gene Stechschulte

This is a well-rounded rock duo whose unique blend of rock, electric country-crossover, and blues just cuts right to the heart of the matter. Thirty-Thirty is a must for any serious music collector. This CD has pulsating tempo's and poignant lyrics and displays a real passion for their music. You've got to hear the genius behind the music and the storytelling. The cover song (30-30) twists you at least 5 different directions before letting you loose. Great stories and harmonies on Change, Bella Donna, and my personal favorite ballad...Back To Harmony. But then you get grabbed by the searing You Don't Hurt Me and the un- usual dissodant cachophony of Troublebound...they are both just purely satisfying. It doesn't get more earthy than the grinding Shot of Regret or Garbage Heap, which just keeps piling on the simple spirit of true rock-blues. It just never lets up, the CD tells a sad tale of gambling addiction in The Whale; then hits you between the eyes with Leave It All Behind. This CD won't let you leave it all behind...rather it leaves you with the lip-smacking Keep The Love Line Open (with a little unexpected surprise along the way). I anxiously await another Blank Brothers CD--please tell us there is more to come.

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New CD Just Days Away

"30-30": The newest Blank Brothers' release is just days away from being available at CD Baby online!
The new CD cover will be shown in the next post here.
Produced at Graz Studios, 30-30 has 23, yes, twenty three tracks of fine Blank Brothers music.
Check back for the exact release date!



The new Blank Brothers CD will be out this month, August.
The title has been changed from Totally Blank to a new title...TBA soon.
Hang on, there will be 23 cuts on this newest Blank Brothers CD.

More information soon!